Data adapter for Tibco hub

GlobalView has developed an interface between its data server and the TIBCO hub e-commerce backbone.

GlobalView Software Inc. has announced an adaptor for companies using the TIBCO hub enterprise application integration backbone. The new adaptor allows for two-way data flow with GlobalView’s GlobalData server, offering other applications on the TIBCO hub access to real-time and historical market information.


GlobalData currently offers access to real-time and historical data from Standard & Poors, ComStock, DTN, Dow Jones Newswires, Platts, Petroleum Argus, OPIS, Gas Daily, Megawatt Daily, PH Energy, APPI, RIM and EA Gibson. Other data and online exchanges will be integrated in the future. Customer-owned proprietary data sources can also be incorporated.


The GlobalView TIBCO adapter provides a programming data interface (API) that allows two-way data flow with the GlobalView server. The interface lets other applications use the GlobalView data server for both import and export of market information. This enables businesses to integrate their business systems in real-time.


GlobalView Software has delivered its adapter to Reliant Energy of Houston, Texas, to provide real-time data from the GlobalView servers to the Reliant trading order management system, its risk management system and soon, to its intranet and extranet portals. More from

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