Halliburton strategy

Following Schlumberger’s Sema acquisition, Halliburton has adopted a parallel strategy, signing a major deal with systems integrator Accenture.

While Schlumberger’s takeover of Sema may not have impressed the stock market, it has had an effect on Halliburton. On the heels of Schlumberger’s foray into large-scale systems integration, Halliburton has announced an expansion of Landmark’s long-standing relationship with Accenture.


This will now encompass business transformation, outsourcing, consulting and project management. Landmark, through its GrandBasin unit will provide hosted applications and data management. The companies will focus initially on five operational issues: technical to business integration, decision-making, process and knowledge management, and outsourcing.


Speaking to the investment community, Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar said, “Teaming with Accenture will leverage Landmark’s offering and let our organizations pursue large-scale data management and outsourcing contracts. We will have similar announcements with other systems integrators in the future.” Lesar contrasted Halliburton’s strategy with ‘the competition’ by claiming that the same synergies would be achieved “without buying the company.”

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