POSC proposes zonal scheme

India’s national oil corporation has joined POSC to ‘leverage the benefits of collaboration efforts.’

POSC is offering members and non-members the chance to comment on new specifications aimed at standardizing geological zonation models for subsurface interpretation. The Interval Properties (Zonation) Draft Specifications are intended for subsequent deployment within the Open Spirit framework.


The zonal specifications, a joint effort by Shell and POSC, cover distributed object models and component architecture. A secondary objective is to develop immediately XML schemas for sharing stratigraphy and zonation data over intranets and the Internet. The project leverages work done by Shell’s SEPTAR unit on a basic zonation object model and related documentation, and POSC’s earlier interoperability work.

Business zone

Interval properties are used by oil companies and in much commercial software as the basis of geoscience processing and interpretation. A standard zonal model is said to be ‘essential for the widespread acceptance of a set of industry standard Subsurface Interpretation business objects.’

60 days

Companies have a sixty day period to comment on the draft which is available on the POSC website, www.posc.org.

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