India’s national oil corporation has joined POSC to ‘leverage the benefits of collaboration efforts.’

The Petroleum Open Software Corporation (POSC) has announced that Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), India’s national oil company, has joined. Established in 1956 by the Indian government, ONGC has grown into a horizontally integrated upstream petroleum company with in-house capabilities and infrastructure in the entire range of oil and gas exploration and production activities.


ONGC’s Director of Exploration Yogesh Sinha said, “The upstream industry, with the help of POSC, is moving vigorously towards E&P data management and associated work flow standardization and ONGC is pleased to join POSC in catalyzing these efforts.”

IM initiatives

“ONGC has taken up major information management initiatives E&P and support functions such as material management, HRD & finance. It is important for us to leverage benefits from collaborative efforts and best practices in upstream industry. In the present era of globalization and the opening-up of the Indian petroleum industry to international participation, our association with POSC helps us follow industry standards. We look forward to a long and active relationship with POSC” said Sinha.


POSC membership has dwindled in recent years to a meager five commercial, and three national oil companies. More enthusiasm is seen in the service sector – with 21 members and in the not-for-profit sector with 22. ONGC is India’s largest producer of crude oil, natural gas and LPG. More from and

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