ReachIn and grasp the earth!

Chevron has customized ReachIn Technologies’ haptic workstation for use with T-Surf’s GoCad.

A new haptic (force-feedback) interface for GoCad has been developed by Chevron Petroleum Technology. The device uses a ReachIn stereo display, tilted downward over a horizontal mirror. With stereoscopic glasses, the user sees the 3D model below the mirror.


One hand operates a Magellan Space Mouse to navigate and orient the model. The other works a Sensable Technologies Phantom force-feedback controller, located below the mirror to control a ‘virtual stylus’ that appears in the earth model.


Because the actual stylus and the virtual model are located below the mirror, the haptic pointing hardware is co-located with 3D cursor in the stereoscopic GoCad model. This contributes to a natural and realistic interaction with the virtual world. A prototype of the 3DH product was demonstrated at the 2001 GoCad User meeting this month. More from

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