GeoQuest markets Interactive Petrophysics

Schlumberger’s marketing clout is to help Production Geoscience expand the client base for its Interactive Petrophysics log analysis package.

Schlumberger Information Solutions unit GeoQuest, has signed a worldwide sales and support agreement with Production Geoscience Ltd. in respect of its Interactive Petrophysics (IP) log analysis software.


IP is a portable application for PC-based log analysis that allows geoscientists and engineers to determine porosity, water saturation and other reservoir parameters at the rig site.


The next release of IP will be Open Spirit-enabled and will support a ‘seamless workflow’ between IP and industry-standard project databases. Frank Whitehead, principal consultant petrophysicist with PGL said “With GeoQuest’s sales and support infrastructure, IP can reach a global market, letting us concentrate on software development and enhancements.”

Monte Carlo

Interactive Petrophysics offers a variety of saturation and porosity models, drag and drop functionality, easy zone editing and user-defined model building. IP also provides advanced statistical curve modeling using fuzzy logic to estimate missing log curves, and the industry’s first practical Monte Carlo analysis system to give quantitative measures of log analysis errors. Based in Banchory, Scotland, PGL was founded in 1990. More from

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