$300 million IT outsource for Conoco

Schlumberger Network Solutions is to become global IT provider to Conoco in a $300 million deal.

Conoco has selected Schlumberger to consolidate its IT contractor services in a contract valued at approximately $300 million. Schlumberger will be Conoco’s global IT provider for the next six years.


Conoco CIO Tom Nicewarner said, “Having a single, global IT contractor will offer long-term cost benefits to Conoco by enhancing quality of service and generating consistent products and services.”

50 jobs

50 Conoco employees will join Schlumberger. Most non-Conoco employees currently working for other contractors will be offered jobs.


Schlumberger Network Solutions president Xavier Flinois said, “This demonstrates our focus on business transformation through IT technologies and services. Our global network and managed service infrastructure, will be well adapted to Conoco’s requirements.”

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