iCenter for Houston

Schlumberger has opened a new ‘iCenter’ Virtual Reality facility in Houston for real-time collaboration and tele-working.

Schlumberger Oilfield Services (SOS) has opened its Houston iCenter collaboration and virtual-reality center. The new, secure collaborative facility enables experts to maximize the use of real-time initiatives to enhance decision-making and planning.


SOS Americas president Dave Mullen said, “The iCenter will help clients make informed decisions to improve well productivity and reduce uncertainty. This latest deployment of our iCenter gives our clients access to Sclumberger’s leading-edge immersive technology.”

Web witness

iCenters clients can use services and technologies, such as Interact Web Witness, PowerSTIM, NDS ‘No Drilling Surprises’, geomechanics, GeoFrame and IPAnywhere for remote monitoring of production data.


Schlumberger has other implementations of the iCenter in Cambridge, Ridgefield and Stavanger.

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