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XoX now offers wellbore planning from its Shapes Prospector 3D visualization environment.

XoX Corporation now offers a wellbore planning add-on for its PC-based 3D visualization environment, Shapes Prospector. The new tool, Shapes Planner (SP), is a 2D/3D planning tool for wellbore trajectory design and quality assurance. Planner is fully integrated with ShapesProspector, Xox’s earth modeling software and is said to “eliminate costly mistakes, and reduce cycle time” since wells are viewed in the context of a full 3D geologic model.


ShapesPlanner supports standard interpolation schemes, generates minimum length path subject to constraints such as pre- and post-hold, minimum radius and dog-leg severity, and computes intersection angles with surfaces and faults in fully linked 3D, map and cross-section views.


XoX Corporation President Mark Senn said “ShapesProspector and ShapesPlanner are the value leaders in earth modeling and well planning, By moving well planning and geological interpretation closer to the well site, exploration and production companies can realize significant savings.


The Shapes family’s portability and advanced functionality enable geologists to interpret complex geologic structures and perform site planning in half the time at a fraction of the cost.” Xox claims that ShapesProspector is the only PC-based product capable of handling multiple Z values in salt dome mapping. More from www.xox.com.

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