Viusal SUNT V5.0

GeoSoft provides a Windows front-end to the Colorado School of Mines Seismic Unix toolkit.

Seismic Unix from the Colorado School of Mines Center for Wave Phenomena is acknowledged as being the standard for open source code seismic processing software. For PC users, the source code has been recompiled for Windows, and a graphical front-end added, by Geneva-based GeoSoft. The resulting commercial package, Visual_SUNT is now available in a new release, version 5.


GeoSoft chairman Jacques Jenny told PDM, “ Since version one, released in 1998, Visual_SUNT has become a popular tool in universities throughout the world. In addition to the visual interface, Visual_SUNT provides tools such as interactive FK analysis, frequency spectra and deconvolution. Key feature of version 5 are, powerful and easy geometry input, residual statics, unlimited number of traces and a powerful new printing module.


All the usual Seismic Unix modules are available in Visual_SUNT with the familiar Windows interface. You can process a complete seismic section without writing code or use SU’s powerful batch capabilities. Visual_SUNT is now without any doubt the best ratio price/powerful and the most easy to use for 2D seismic processing.


This program is used in many Universities all around the world for teaching.” The new versions are available on CD-ROM from GeoSoft. A sister product, WinSism 8 is also available for refraction processing. Compilation of the UNIX code, previously handled by Hugh Winkler of Scout Systems, is now performed by GeoSoft. More from

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