Eclipse 2000

New release of Schlumberger’s reservoir simulator offers speed and some 120 new features.

GeoQuest, has revamped the Eclipse reservoir simulator. The new release – “2000A” boasts more speed and over 120 new features. Migration from the blackoil simulator (Eclipse 100) to compositional simulator (Eclipse 300) is simplified. Other enhancements include unification of documentation, keywords and parallel processing compatibility. The compositional simulator has a new-generation linear solver, tuned for complex local grid refinement and a multipoint flux approximation for tensor permeabilities.


Users can now build, run and visualize FrontSim streamline simulation from within the Eclipse Office. Preprocessor and postprocessor enhancements include more gradients and parameters in SimOpt, support for graphics run files and order-of-magnitude speed gains for various file loading operations.

WellTest 200

Well tests of any complexity can now be analyzed by combining WellTest 200 analytical and numerical well test software with either the Eclipse blackoil or compositional simulators. Eclipse 2000A runs on Windows 98, 2000, NT, UNIX, Solaris, SGI IRIX and IBM AIX.

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