Indigo adds A&D

IndigoPool is teaming with acquisition and divestment specialist Waterous to bolster e-commerce property marketplace.

Schlumberger’s e-commerce unit and Waterous & Co., an investment advisor specializing in oil and gas acquisitions and divestments (A&D) are to form a joint venture technology company. The new company will integrate business processes and technology to support the online A&D functionality of IndigoPool. Extrapolating from Waterous’ recent worldwide offerings, it is anticipated that over the next year, $3 billion of assets will be added to IndigoPool by some 50 oil and gas companies. To date, the total number of assets posted to IndigoPool tops 450.


Waterous was founded in 1987 by Jeffrey Waterous and now has 50 employees and offices in Calgary, Houston, London, and Nassau. Since January 1998, the firm has rung-up a cool $6 billion in corporate A&D for its clients. The new IndigoPool A&D Web site will provide key technical information, third party databases, and a wide variety of evaluation tools to support buyers and sellers international oil and gas properties.


Managing Director Adam Waterous said “We maximize our client’s value providing a multi-phased advisory process for each divestiture. Now, during evaluation, buyers can conduct the majority of their technical review by accessing comprehensive information, data and applications through IndigoPool.”


IndigoPool president Satish Pai adds “This is an important development for IndigoPool. Waterous is the global leader in oil and gas A&D – they bring a strong business perspective and depth of experience in real property deals.” More from and

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