E-commerce for Alberta Energy

J.D. Edwards is prime contractor in accounting and e-commerce solution for Alberta Energy Company.

Alberta Energy Company (AEC) has selected J.D. Edwards to provide a global accounting solution and e-commerce infrastructure. Hayward Walls, AEC CIO, stated “Our goal is to be the first independent oil and gas company in North America to embrace electronic commerce on a worldwide scale. To achieve this, technology must help, not hinder our growth plans. We view J.D. Edwards as a leader in providing flexible and agile enterprise software, e-procurement and specific upstream oil and gas applications – all in a collaborative commerce solution that will enable us to realize cost savings significantly above our investment level.”

Paradigm Technologies

AEC’s e-commerce solution will be built with software components from Paradigm Technologies (a Petroleum Place company), J.D. Edwards and e-commerce specialist Ariba Inc. AEC accounting is based on Paradigm’s Upstream Solutions joint venture and AFE components, which incorporate J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld Xe infrastructure.


AEC is experiencing rapid growth through an aggressive international acquisition strategy and the J.D. Edwards solution will provide a common internal platform enabling AEC to integrate and streamline business processes and share information across newly acquired units.


Brian Searles, president and CEO of Paradigm Technologies adds “This announcement is the first of what we anticipate to be many joint wins in the oil and gas sector with J.D. Edwards.”

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