Documents and Land

Tobin’s land management software now leverages document management from Cimage NovaSoft.

Tobin International Ltd. is to integrate and resell software from Cimage NovaSoft, the document management and eBusiness solution specialist. The Cimage NovaSoft software will be integrated with Tobin’s Land Suite, AquaTrac (water resource management) and a contract administration application. The Cimage NovaSoft products will add document management, records management and workflow capabilities to the Tobin products.


Targeted markets for the products include petroleum exploration and production, corridor and right of way management, power generation and distribution, land management, and facilities management.


Larry Pemberton, VP Sales for Tobin said, “We chose Cimage NovaSoft as our document management partner because of the strength of their product for managing large documents including engineering drawing and maps. Cimage NovaSoft understands and focuses on the markets we serve.”

Change management

Cimage NovaSoft solutions are typically used to store, distribute, and manage engineering drawings and related documentation, and to manage the change process. Cimage NovaSoft has over 650 installations in 30 countries. Its customers include British Energy, the US Navy, Amoco, Marathon and Mobil Oil.

70 years

Tobin has provided imagery and land management tools since it was founded over 70 years ago. In the interim, Tobin has transformed land management from paper-based systems to digital maps coupled with tabular databases, satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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