Web-based geochemical repository

A joint-industry project offers an online world-wide geochemistry database.

Plano, Texas based Infologic and Robertson Research are partnering on a global, web-based geochemical database, the Geochemical Information Repository (GIR). The GIR will offer clients access to, worldwide oil, gas and rock geochemical data, providing “total petroleum geochemistry support,” from software, through interpretation to project management.


An e-commerce paradigm offers pay-as-you use, or subscription-based access to GIR data, which can be displayed in any format. Data can be browsed at a global, regional, or sample level and proprietary corporate data can be integrated with the GIR data.


The web paradigm allows client access via a secure, encrypted web site from remote locations. Software allows for dynamic plotting and graphics capabilities (well summary plots, cross-plots, tabular reports, chromatogram visualization tools, etc.) – all of which will be accessible over the Web.


The GIR database is Oracle, Access, and ArcView enabled using a proven cascading data model. Data is stored in raw, standardized, interpretive, and export layers.

The data model follows the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate guidelines for extending the POSC Epicenter Data Model into the geochemical arena.


Initially the GIR database will be populated with Robertson source-rock data. Seep, oil quality, and non-exclusive oil company data will be added in the future. Additional oil analysis for the GirWeb database is to be provided by Houston-based Baseline Resolution, Inc.. More from www.girweb.com.

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