A new industry grouping targets the 4D VSP market with technology transferred from Chevron’s R&D.

Halliburton and Landmark are teaming with time-lapse boutique 4th Wave Imaging Corp. of Laguna Beach California. Halliburton has entered into a strategic agreement with 4th Wave to offer time-lapse vertical seismic profile (4D VSP) services to its clients. Landmark is to cooperate with 4th wave on software development


4th Wave was founded last year by David Lumley, now President & CEO. Lumley was previously leader of the 4D Seismic Reservoir Monitoring program at Chevron Petroleum Technology Company. 4th wave has licensed proprietary 4-D cross-well technology from Chevron.


Other services and software offerings cover 4D seismic reservoir monitoring and multi-component shear-wave analysis and interpretation. Landmark is to co-develop new 4D/4C seismic software for reservoir management. The strategic agreement will focus on the high resolution, repeatability and rapid reservoir snapshot capabilities available from permanently installed wellbore VSP sensor arrays.


4th Wave is the focus of an industry research consortium working on the estimation of dynamic reservoir properties from 4D seismic data. The consortium, which kicked-off in March 2000, intends to perform R&D in the field of quantitative estimation and uncertainty analysis, of reservoir properties, such as oil saturation, pressure, and temperature, from time-lapse 4D seismic data. The intent is to be able to quantify the visual changes observable on repeat seismic surveys of an oil field in production. More from www.4thwaveimaging.com .

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