Seismic Imaging 'e-commerce'

GX Technology claims new BLink E-Service as an industry first. BLink is a web-based seismic imaging collaboration and control environment for GXT’s EarthWave package.

BLink is Houston-based GX Technology’s (GXT) first venture into Application Service Provision. GXT’s compute-intensive EarthWave seismic visualization package runs on a Houston-located supercomputer, while clients collaborate with the GXT processing team over the internet.

Velocity model

This typically involves review and interpretation of velocity models and seismic data during a depth-imaging project. GXT President Mick Lambert said "BLink gives our clients global, desktop control of seismic imaging projects outsourced to GXTechnology, and interactive access to their GXT service team and specialized computing resources"

Web browser

Desktop access is from a web browser via a secure link and allows also for project monitoring and management, accounting and contractual supervision. In test at a client site for over a year, BLink is now available for general release. More from

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