250,000 hits to Oil IT.com portal

Traffic has grown to over 1,100 hits per day on the www.oilit.com website, now referenced by the major search engines.

Traffic to the Petroleum Data Manager website has grown steadily since its inception early last year (see graph below). Average rate for August was over 1,100 hits per day.


Most retrieved article was our November 1999 scoop on Magic Earth’s GeoProbe with other popular titles as diverse as "XML - the new Swiss Army Knife" (August 1999), "PetroView Enterprise" (May 1999), Phoenix’ SEG-Y Viewer (November 1999) and "The E&P data warehouse" (January 2000). All these articles received over 100 hits a piece.

Search Engines

The oilit.com website is now registered with Yahoo and regularly spidered by the major search engines such as All The Web, AltaVista, Google, Lycos and Northern Light.

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