EuroFinder not amused!

Premier Oil’s Hugh Bannister responds to the EuroFinder article appearing in the June 2000 issue. EuroFinder Members are not entirely happy with the project’s progress.

The EuroFinder Project was split into 3 main phases. The first two phases were managed employing the concept of a Project Board. Both phases delivered to budget and the last phase completed a month late in June 1999. This brought the project to the end of the definition phase, for data model, applications, loaders-unloaders etc.


At this point the EuroFinder consortium, handed over the Development Project to GeoQuest for the implementation phase. All other phases were tendered, but this was done to ensure that the Project goals were achieved and that GeoQuest ‘owned’ the Project. Thus the concept of data modeling by committee has been proven as this was delivered at the end of the last Phase.


It may be the case that Epicentre is unwieldy. We have yet to see a project plan for the implementation phase of EuroFinder which was a deliverable from the second phase.


GeoQuest have consistently swapped staff on the project, demonstrating a lack of commitment. The ‘customers’ are unaware what if any progress has been achieved since June 1999, In spite of holding at least 3 customer meeting to let GeoQuest hear the concerns raised. I'd say that perhaps GeoQuest is not willing to listen to it’s customers, or to put effort where it has been requested.


Never mind, the contract for second phase was structured in such a way that the remaining 20% would be with held until this phase was fully delivered. Obviously GeoQuest do not need the money!

Hugh Banister,
Global IT Manager,

Premier Oil.

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