Exprodat’s "wOW" web-based data browser for Landmark environments has earned instant "killer-app" status from users in Enterprise Oil. Exprodat is now productizing wOW and its sister application, Knowledge Documentor.

UK-based consultancy Exprodat is "putting its money where its mouth is" by productizing two developments originally undertaken for Enterprise Oil. wOW is a Web Server for dynamic access to subsurface data over the Intranet, while the second product, Knowledge Documentor, is a spreadsheet-style knowledge capture tool for seismic applications.


A component of a corporate information portal, wOW enables users to browse OpenWorks, SeisWorks and Z-MAPPlus databases without the need to launch Landmark applications. wOW uses the Apache web server and Landmark’s API’s to generates web pages on-the-fly, for display in any web browser. Most data types can be searched, with results downloaded to Excel.


wOW currently can access most data types resident in OpenWorks, SeisWorks and ZMAPPlus. Users can search, browse and download detailed well, field, lease, map, document and seismic data. Images of surfaces and seismic sections can be displayed dynamically. Additionally, users can report errors in, and request loading of data. A ‘push’ profile can be set up to automatically notify users of changes, or to publish documents.


Integration with ESRI ArcView and ArcIMS for distributed spatial browsing is underway. The web browser interface requires little or no training – this improves accessibility and productivity, especially for those professionals unused to complex systems.


Sister product Knowledge Documenter (KD) collects seismic project and interpretation metadata, and adds value and context. Captured knowledge is stored in the OpenWorks project database itself. KD tightly integrates with SeisWorks and OpenWorks so project documentation now forms an integral part of the project data store.


Speaking to PDM, Enterprise’s Ashley Dunbar confirmed the instant ‘killer app.’ status the products have acquired within Enterprise. wOW makes up the core of Enterprise’s "Rapid" corporate information portal. Dunbar told PDM "There is no learning curve for wOW. Non IT-savvy professionals can drill down to binary data in a totally intuitive manner. A click on the file brings "in your face data" with no use of vendor applications. Dunbar reckons that Rapid is "10 to 50 times faster than using the applications." Rapid/wOW is deployed at 6 sites worldwide within Enterprise and greatly eases data sharing between locations.


PDM asked Exprodat director Bruce Rodney to explain the wOW moniker. Rodney described wOW as a "working title" and a reference to the product’s impact on end-users. PDM further understands that wOW could be taken as a reference to the Web and Landmark’s OpenWorks environment. More from .

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