BG International goes GeoQuest

BG International is to adopt both UNIX and PC-based GeoQuest software for worldwide operations.

BG International (BGI) is to deploy the full range of GeoQuest’s E&P software including the PC-based Drilling Office suite. BGI Technology & Resources Manager Roger Doery said "We believe this represents an opportunity to upgrade our technology, introduce new and improved workflows and to provide training to our technical staff. This should result in better skills for our people, improved reservoir description and definition and greater productivity."

Whole shebang!

BGI will now use all of GeoQuest’s commercial geological, geophysical, modeling, mapping, reservoir simulation and drilling applications. Around 400 projects worldwide will be converted to GeoFrame data format by BGI and GeoQuest personnel. GeoQuest will also provide consultancy services, applications support, project management advice and expertise. GeoQuest is to design a training program for BGI’s GeoTechnical staff.


GeoQuest EAME VP Ihab Toma added "Through this global contract we will be able to support BG International’s goal of establishing an integrated platform for exploration, production and drilling. BG International is one of a number of major oil and gas companies who recently have turned to GeoQuest to deliver a comprehensive software solution for E&P operations."

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