IHS opens Data Hosting Center

IHS is to put P2000 and Iris21 datasets into an ASP- hosted data center.

IHS Energy Group is launching a Hosting Center - a new service for online access to E&P data management systems and applications. Initially, the service will host IHS’ P2000 and IRIS21 systems. Customers will also have the option of storing proprietary data and retrieve it through custom or third party applications. IHS will manage the information, systems and the network infrastructure at its secure facility, providing customers direct access to the data they need without the need for on-site IT resources or the requirement to update data.


IHS VP of Information Systems Steve Cooper said "The Hosting Center provides direct access to the most current worldwide E&P data through sophisticated display, query and retrieval applications. For customers who frequently access tremendous volumes of data, this service is a more practical and cost-effective solution than our transactional-based system. It relieves customers of the burden of updating, administering, and supporting these systems internally, allowing them to focus key personnel on other tasks."


In addition to offering its own P2000 and IRIS21 applications through the Hosting Center, IHS Energy Group has formed strategic alliances with vendors selling products that support IHS data models. These applications will be hosted on powerful servers that will provide rapid retrieval of data, which will be accessed through direct, high-speed connections or through the Internet.

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