Internet Data Room V2.0

The Internet Data Room (aka PetrisX Version 2.0) now includes Voice over IP telephony, improved collaboration and search functionality and remote prospect evaluation.

Petris Technology Inc. released a new version of PetrisX, (also know as The Internet Data Room) at the PLS Dealmakers Show in Houston this month. PetrisX now includes an enhanced user Interface, improved collaboration and search functionality.


PetrisX 2.0 allows buyers, sellers, geologists and engineers to evaluate the technical data of a property over the Internet, from remote locations. From a desktop, an interested party can engage others in a "remote, controlled presentation" of the data room.


Also new is an innovative "Voice over IP" (VOIP) facility that lets parties converse over the Internet on a toll free basis.

Buyer profile

A buyer profile is now available to all PetrisX registrants allowing a buyer to list criteria of interest for a property. If a match is found, the buyer is notified by email. PetrisX 2.0 also boasts better navigation, map or text searches, more informative member and seller pages, and requests for original and licensed data for properties on the site.


PetrisX deploys high security technology for data upload and distribution.

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