Phillips selects IRAP,Statoil tests IRPM

Phillips Norway has chosen Roxar’s IRAP package. Statoil is testing the Integrated Reservoir and Production Management system - a combination of software and real-time metering technology - on the Huldra condensate field.

Phillips Petroleum Norway has signed an eighteen-month lease agreement with Roxar for the provision of the IRAP Reservoir Modeling Suite. The 2MM NOK deal includes training and user support. Phillips also uses Roxar’s reservoir modeling software in other subsidiaries. 


Statoil is to test Roxar’s integrated reservoir and production management system, IRPM on the Huldra gas condensate field . Huldra production is slated for the fall of 2001. Roxar president Torkell Gjerstad said "The IRPM system will gather and transfer Huldra’s reservoir and production data to the shore in real-time. Statoil will use this information to improve understanding of production characteristics.


Statoil intends to optimize Huldra production continuously by monitoring output of the 6 Roxar multiphase meters, with more downhole-monitoring equipment to be deployed. Roxar has been received the ONS Innovation Award for its IRPM concept, the second from DEMO 2000. Funds from the first award facilitated the completion the Water Monitor Radar (WMR), a reservoir monitoring product, and the Promac downhole production management tool.

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