Seismic Object Detection

de Groot-Bril and GeoCap are to productize patented technology from Statoil to automate seismic interpretation.

dGB and Norwegian visualization specialists Geocap are to develop a new seismic object detection system "d-Tect" leveraging Statoil’s patented technology. d-Tect will speed the seismic interpretation process.

Neural network

Described as "the most advanced attribute engine on the market" d-Tech will deploy supervised and unsupervised neural networks, image processing algorithms, and extraction algorithms for faults, horizons and bodies. d-Tect boasts state of the art visualization, including 3D-stereo.


d-Tect will run on scalable hardware including Solaris PC-Linux and Windows-NT. The project has been awarded Eureka status by the EU and has attracted "substantial" funding from the Dutch government. Industry sponsors are invited to join the project. d-Tect rollout is scheduled for January 2001.

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