GEMs for GeoFrame and new DAEX

Oilfield Systems has ported its GEMs collection of helper applications to GeoFrame and released an enhanced version of well data exchange software DAEX.

Oilfield Systems (OFS) has ported its GEM Collection to Schlumberger’s GeoFrame. GEMs was previously only available for Landmark’s OpenWorks. OFS GEMs product champion Neil Hookway said "GeoFrame users have the same concerns as OpenWorks’ clients. Geological tools have become so sophisticated that users find them difficult to learn and use, placing an added burden on their support organization.

First step

Some geologists are even working on paper in preference to wrestling with applications. The GEM Collection helps them make that first, important step towards working on the computer and their work is instantly integrated with other users, making the interpretation process more effective." Now that GEM runs on GeoFrame and OpenWorks, companies can deploy a single well log correlation application regardless of where project data is stored.


A new version of OFS’ DAEX well data exchange technology is due for release Real Soon Now. DAEX is used as core data sharing technology between corporate, project and application datastores. OFS’ technical director Steve Hawtin, said "DAEX 5.0 now handles all aspects of the data transfer. Clients can customize the way users interact with this process. DAEX components perform tasks such as verifying a log mnemonic, standardizing units or coordinate transformation.  Transfers are coordinated by a central controller which can be invoked from third-party applications or web-based clients. " More from

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