Tobin Tools ASP

Tobin is to offer its land management software TobinTools in "pay-as-you-go" ASP mode.

The TobinTools land management suite is to be offered in an Application Service Provision (ASP) mode. TobinTools offers users access to multiple data sources through a single visual interface. Tobin Tools facilitates links to other business systems such as SAP and provides web-enabled functionality, leveraged in the new ASP offering.

From its Portal Tobin offers clients tools for survey, land and mapping. In 1999, Tobin acquired land management software specialists Innovative Business Solutions (PDM Vol. 3 N° 12). Tobin claims to be transforming land management from paper-based systems to digital maps coupled with databases, satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Tobin partners with both ESRI and Microsoft for the GIS and platform technologies key to map-enabled B2B applications.

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