Nonexclusive 4C Brent Survey

A new business model for seismic ownership is born. Instead of paying up front for a hi-tech 4C survey on the Brent field, Shell has "licensed" the data from Schlumberger.

Schlumberger Oilfield Services has licensed a "nonexclusive" four component (4C) survey over the Brent field to Shell. The survey was acquired by two of Schlumberger’s specialist 4C seismic vessels, the Geco Angler and Geco Bluefin.


The primary objective of the survey was improved imaging of the Brent slumps, which form a complex area on the eastern side of the field. Data was recorded simultaneously by hydrophones and bottom located geophones. The new data improves on previous surveys with consistently better reflection continuity, fault definition and structural imaging. Factors contributing to the improvement include better demultiple, wider azimuths that improve subsurface illumination, and better positional control through seabed cables.


Shell geophysicist Stuart Arnott commented, "In comparison with our towed streamer data, the new 4C data provide significantly improved structural imaging of the complex slumped areas of the (Brent) field. We expect this to lead to improved targeting of undeveloped reserves and reduced drilling costs."


PDM comment - great technology, but what is the business logic behind a non-exclusive survey over a producing field? We would love to know!

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