Banco de Dados E&P

Brazil’s geological survey CPRP has selected PGS’ PetroBank for its National Data Repository, the "Banco de Dados E&P."

PGS has signed a five-year contract with the Brazil’s Geological Survey (CPRM) to establish the Brazilian Petroleum Agency (ANP) exploration and production data bank for Brazil. The data bank will be named Banco de Dados E&P ("BDEP").


PGS will deploy its PetroBank data management system to consolidate, archive and deliver data to companies engaged in E&P in Brazil. More than 20 operators and service companies will be involved with the data bank and will be able to connect online.  PGS president Bjarte Bruheim said "This facility complements our expansion of the data management business in this region, where we have been active since 1997.


Through our contract with Petrobras, where we have cleaned and re-mastered more than 280,000 tapes of E&P data of various vintages, we have prepared much of the Brazilian E&P data for management by BDEP. PGS has long been the dominant player in Norway and with our recent agreement in Russia [see last month’s PDM], we are well on our way to securing strategic data management positions for many of the most prospective hydrocarbon basins in the world."

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