GeoQuest WellTrack

New Drilling Office application WellTrack brings live data from the rig floor into the GeoFrame project.

GeoQuest has introduced WellTrack into release 2.0 of the Drilling Office suite. WellTrack is a well tracking, reporting and knowledge management system and is said to simplify day-to-day reporting tasks and support distributed asset teams through the use of Web posting.


WellTrack product development manager Susan Rosenbaum said "WellTRAK allows drilling team members to post and review reports on the Web. Drilling Office 2.0 expands the functionality of earlier releases." Users can design an activity-based well plan for drilling operations and compare actual operations against forecast. WellTrack lets the rig supervisor capture daily operational data, highlight operational anomalies and create daily reports at the touch of a button. Data from offset wells can be used and modified to design new plans. Other features include drop-down activity pick lists for user-friendly data entry.


WellTrack stores data in GeoFrame which allows torque and drag analyses to use WellTrack daily report data. Data captured at the rig site can be merged into a GeoFrame project database at the office.  A powerful query tool analyzes drilling performance by field or among selected offset wells. Queries can be saved and modified for frequent use, and the resulting data easily can be sent to an Excel spreadsheet for further evaluation, graphing and analysis.

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