Windows NT underpins Schlumberger data center

With EU deregulation, things are moving fast in the utilities business. Schlumberger’s data center is set to capitalize on this situation is built on what is now considered a mission-critical platform - Windows NT.

Schlumberger Resource Management Services has brought its Karlsruhe data management center on-line in. The hub of a pan-European data network, the new center offers business opportunities to the utilities industry. The center will perform remote acquisition, consolidation and validation of metering data, data warehousing and web-based energy management and customer accounting. Schlumberger has data management service contracts with 20 utility companies in eight European countries.


Sergio Nicolini, Manager of Data Management in Karlsruhe told PDM "The choice of Windows NT server as platform is driven by Schlumberger policies. We ensure reliability of mission critical tasks through hardware and software redundancy. The two web servers (main and back up) are not clustered and the switch from one to the other takes a few seconds.


Database server and hard disks containing critical data are on separate machines protected by a "demilitarized zone" where the firewall creates a barrier between Internet and confidential data resident on Sinet (Schlumberger Information network). Security control beyond  UserID and Password is ensured with Schlumberger smart card technology.


A web server performs queries on the Oracle database server and results generated with Microsoft ASP technology and Visual Basic. Network traffic is optimized for web inter-activity. If a high degree of inter-activity is required, the data is compressed and sent to the client for processing or analysis. Specialists from IT, Omnes and Oilfield Services worked with our metering experts to implement this complex system."

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