Web boosts Enron

EnronOnline, Enron’s new web-based commodity trading portal has added significantly to the company’s bottom line.

Enron Corp.’s second-quarter earnings rose 30 percent thanks to its growing web-based trading arm, EnronOnline. Enron Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ken Lay said "EnronOnline, our Web-based transaction system, registered a 92 percent increase in both volumes and transactions compared to the first quarter."


Building on its newfound e-company status, Enron expanded recently into broadband telecommunications. Since its launch last year, EnronOnline has realized over 200,000 transactions to a value of $100 billion, nearly 60% of Enron’s wholesale trade.


Furthering its diversification strategy, Enron plane to leverage its Online unit to make markets in other commodities such as paper, petrochemicals, plastics and broadband telecommunications capacity.

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