If the GeoCap fits..

GeoCap describes itself as a petroleum industry internet mapping company. Its eponymous flagship product is a Rapid Application Development environment for 2 and 3D visualization of data over the web.

Norwegian GeoCap AS develops internet software for the petroleum industry and mapping agencies. GeoCap is both a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment and end-user application for visualization, mapping, monitoring and modeling.


GeoCap’s RAD environment offers researchers and geoscientists building bricks to construct 2D and 3D visualization software.


GeoCap can be wrapped and configured with in the powerful scripting language. Tcl/TK.  GeoCap also provides assistance in application design and development, product support and training. GeoCap is developing a range of plug-ins using the GeoCap environment language together with Tcl/Tk. GeoCap is partner with de-Groot Bril on the d-Tect project (see article in this issue.)

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