Paradigm, ILEX “e-Geoscience” ASP

Paradigm is web-enabling its GeoLog and other software packages. The ASP offering promises remote application use over the phone-line.

Paradigm demonstrated its new web-based E&P applet technology at the EAGE exposition held in Glasgow this month. Web-enabled versions of Paradigm’s software are said to “facilitate project collaboration across organizational boundaries.”


Paradigm’s Mark Walker said “We can now run high-end geoscience applications from anywhere with Internet access. Plug and play applets let asset teams access unlimited data volumes through the simplest of web tools.” The web-enabled products demonstrated are GeoLog, with the Well Data Server (see PDM Vol. 5 N° 4) interface providing remote access to third party legacy databases. Users now have access to their corporate data from remote locations such as the rig site using ordinary telecommunications facilities.


Paradigm, has teamed with Ilex Technologies on web-enabled data loading to GeoLog. The technology enables remote hosting of raw data.

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