Rasters for GeoGraphix

GeoGraphix includes raster log functionality in the Discovery Suite interpretation package.

GeoGraphix now offers raster log capability as part of the Discovery Suite. The new functionality combines the affordability of raster logs with the power of digital well logs.


Geoscientists can incorporate paper-based logs into their integrated interpretation and mapping, scanning their own in-house paper log libraries or by importing TIF images from log data vendors. Geographix Discovery is a suite of geoscience applications built on a shared data management and common visualization foundation to provide dynamic integration between geological and geophysical data.


GeoGraphix’ Richard Slack said "We have been watching this market closely for the past twelve months to see what impact raster logs would play in the interpretation workflow. Most companies want an integrated solution - one that enables them to build cross sections as part of a total geological and geophysical interpretation.


Because our cross-sectional capabilities are a fundamental part of our integrated geological and geophysical interpretation system, they provide customers with a complete, interpretive solution.” More from www.geographix.com.

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