Technoguide - Petrel 3.0

The latest version of Technoguide’s Petrel shared earth modeling software enhances workflow and speeds up model-building.

Oslo, Norway-based Technoguide has released a new version of its shared earth modeling software, Petrel. Since its release in December ‘98 (PDM Vol 3 N° 11), over 100 Petrel licenses have been sold. Petrel 3.0 is described as “workflow-oriented” and spans seismic interpretation to production.


Technoguide claims that Petrel is “10 to 100 times” faster than other Windows-based tools thanks to optimized code and advanced mathematical algorithms for gridding and modeling. Petrel deploys “state of the art” object programming techniques and leverages Microsoft’s C++ Foundation Classes. Petrel’s 3D graphics are take advantage of the OpenGL API for rendering, texture mapping and special visualization effects.


New modules include well correlation, data analysis with cross plots, histograms and variograms of various reservoir properties and enhancements to the 3D grid module. Plotting is carried out to Windows Metafiles or using the many plotters and printing formats supported by Windows. Technoguide has offices in Oslo, Houston, London, Aberdeen, Calgary, Perth, Beijing and Stavanger. Petrel is available for under $20K. More from

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