PGS’ Russian Data Bank

PGS has won a contract to deploy a national data bank in Russia. A Moscow PetroBank will provide the Ministry of natural Resources and third-parties controlled access to E&P data from all over Russia.

PGS Data Management has entered into an agreement to develop and implement a National Geophysical and Geological Data Bank (NBDGI) for Russia. Partners in the venture are GlavNIVC of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), and The Central Geophysical Expedition (CGE) of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy (MFE). The Russian databank is scheduled for startup this year and will be built around the PGS’ PetroBank.


The databank will be operated as a division of GlavNIVC from a central location in Moscow with regional centers throughout Russia, from St. Petersburg to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. When operational, oil companies will be able to connect online with pre-approved access to quality-controlled seismic, well, production and cultural data. Bjarte Bruheim, PGS president and COO said "The National Data Bank will increase efficiency by enabling the oil industry to make swift business decisions, while ensuring the security of national interests.”


GlavNIVC director Garold Lubimov added “We have been engaged in a six-year program of gathering and preparing data for NBDGI. We evaluated several technologies and found PetroBank to be the best. We are confident such state-of-the art and proven technology will secure the future success of NBDGI.”


Bruheim added “This is an exciting step forward in the expansion of our data management business in this region, where we have been active since 1995. We have customers located in Moscow, The Urals, Western Siberia, Sakhalin and the Caspian area. These types of arrangements put PGS in the unique position of securing the majority of the seismic, well, production and cultural data for these key oil bearing regions.


PGS has long been the dominant player in Norway where we currently manage and store virtually all such oil industry information. We are pursuing similar agreements in most regions where the oil and gas industry is actively searching for or producing hydrocarbons, and I firmly believe this approach will prove to be the right strategy for PGS in the long term.”

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