Marathon’s Magic Earth

Following a successful evaluation, Marathon is to use Magic Earth’s innovative GeoProbe software for volume visualization and interpretation at its Houston Office.

Magic Earth, purveyors of high-end visualization technology to the better-endowed oil and gas company has signed an agreement with Marathon Oil Co. for its volume-based interpretation system, GeoProbe. Magic Earth President Mike Zeitlin said, "We are delighted with the outcome of Marathon’s review and its acquisition of our innovative technology.


We believe that GeoProbe will cut Marathon’s cycle time in 3D interpretation and improve the company’s exploration and production evaluations and drilling programs.” Ron Keisler, Senior VP Exploration for Marathon, added, "Marathon’s agreement with Magic Earth reflects our commitment to be an innovative company. It is the latest example of how we are leveraging technology to grow our business and further enhance our operational efficiency.

Added value

Magic Earth’s visual interpretation system, GeoProbe, has the potential to add value to our work processes and improve our competitiveness." GeoProbe is said to transform massive seismic datasets, well logs and other related data into “lucid” 3D images of potential prospects in hours and days instead of the usual weeks and months.


This capability enables geoscientists and business managers to complete comprehensive analyses of the earth’s subsurface more quickly. You can view some GeoProbe imagery in the Virtual Visit of last year’s SEG convention on the website and of course on the Magic Earth site

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