DMS, ILEX lauch the GeoHost

Mario Cataldo’s start-up ILEX has teamed with communications specialist DMS to offer ASP to oil and gas clients.

DMS and ILEX are to offer Application Service Provision to the Oil Industry. The new ASP offering, GeoHost, is described as a “remote information management service.” Using the secure Oil Partnering Network (OPNet), GeoHost will provide groupware and other applications on a ‘pay as you use’ basis.


Such applications will utilize ILEX’s GeoVault data management system allowing users to browse, analyze and interpret data sets using a variety of applications from any physical location. GeoVault can be used to manage documents, well log and seismic data using technology developed by Cambridge (UK)-based Petrologic, now an ILEX subsidiary.


Security for remote users is provided by DMS’ private network OPNet which already connects major oil industry service companies and North Sea operators. Access is provided from remote locations using satellite communication systems. (OPNet is deployed in the Opito-Vantage personnel tracking system.) Typical system bandwidth of 2Mb/sec will increase over the next 12 - 18 months with the implementation of a new North Sea fiber network. DMS was established in 1988. Today, the company has 200 employees and a $50 million turnover. More from and

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