Seis on gravity

Northwest Geophysical Systems latest GM-SYS offers integration of seismic data into the potential field-derived earth model.

If you work with seismics you will occasionally see potential field data (gravity and magnetics) as rather uninspiring wavy lines along the top of the section. Once in a blue moon you may even use them to check if an intrusion is salt or volcanics.

Cart before horse

But if your business is grav and mag (for instance for crustal investigations) this is really putting the cart before the horse. Which is where Corvallis, Oregon-based Northwest Geophysical System’s latest software comes into it’s own. The new release of GM-SYS, version 4.6, puts the seismic data right inside the potential-field model. Other enhancements in the new release include improved data management, integration with Oasis Montaj and new display preferences. GM-Sys runs on Windows Unix and Linux. More from

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