Odegaard joins Seismic to Simulation

Danish seismic specialist Odegaard has signed up with STS,contributing its ISIS technology to the consortium’s 4D seismic methodology. Odegaard has also announced a new AVO package - Lithology Cube.

Odegaard is joining the Aberdeen-based 4D seismic solutions company Seismic-To-Simulation as an equal partner with the two UK founding companies IKODA and TRACS International. Odegaard has been working closely with STS since its inception in 1998 contributing its ISIS inversion technology to STS’s 4D seismic methodology. STS has established a track record with oil industry clients such as Shell UK, Enterprise, Amerada Hess and Talisman as a delivering significant cost savings through its seismic data processing and reservoir analysis.


STS has demonstrated that legacy seismics can be used as a base-line for 4D seismic acquisition. Time lapse field models can be tested by new acquisition at intervals determined from STS’s forward modeling. It is claimed that this approach reduces the number and scale of such surveys as compared to conventional blanket 3D seismic coverage.


Odegaard’s Kim Gunn Maver said “4D seismic has been slow catch on despite the benefits in maximizing reservoir recovery. We believe that specialist treatment of companies’ existing data provides a cost effective alternative.” Maver joins Martyn Millwood Hargreaves of IKODA and Mark Cook from TRACS on the STS Board alongside STS managing director Dave Davies who has recently been appointed a director of Odegaard.

Lithology Cube

Odegaard recently released its new Lithology Cube interpretation software for AVO interpretation of 3D volumes. The ’Cube is said to take geologists and engineers “straight to the rock properties of a reservoir.”

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