StabView Joint Industry Project

AGI is inviting participants to spec out a new version of StabView, the borehole stability package. StabView 2.0 will be developed in a Joint Industry Project and will be available in ASP mode from GeoNetservices.

Advanced Geotechnology Inc (AGI) will be launching a new Joint Industry Project in September 2000 to develop new borehole stability, lost circulation, and sand production risk analysis software. StabView 2.0’s new features will include real-time capabilities, multiple zone analyses, a new database, sand production tools for weak formations, and more.


StabView Software will be available in an Application Service Provosion (ASP) mode. AGI and Houston-based GeoNetservices have signed a letter of intent to offer the StabView software package on-line to customers.


GeoNetservices offers a suite of over 100 petroleum-related software programs for users to test drive or rent on a time-metered basis.


AGI has a major new StabView client with the signing of the Taiwanese Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC), the state oil and gas company. CPC is involved in exploration and production activities in South-east Asia and abroad, including gas storage operations. A customized training course on rock mechanics applications to drilling and completions is being provided as part of AGI’s agreement with CPC. For more information on AGI’s Joint Industry Program contact Pat McLellan at

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