A2D e-commerce usage “up 42%”

Not all e-commerce sites are reporting real-world usage of their portals. A2D offers some encouraging metrics on use of its Log-Line well log service.

Following the deal with Anadarko (see PDM Vol. 5 N° 5) Internet well log data vendor A2D Technologies reports further success with its e-commerce Log-Line site.

Business has increased by 42% since the beginning of the year and 60 oil and gas companies have opened Log-Line accounts in the last two months.

New clients

New clients include Basin Exploration, Burlington Resources, Chesapeake Energy CXY Energy, Range Resources, Samson, Southwestern Energy, St. Mary Land & Exploration, Stone Energy and Tom Brown.


A2D’s Executive Vice President Kim Boddy said "Increasing data availability and efficient e-business solutions are being adopted by the oil and gas industry at all levels." A2D’s believes e-business solutions cost less than traditional methods of data acquisition and management. A2D claims pioneer status in providing quality well log data over the Internet since 1997. Currently on-line data is available for 200,000 wells from most major basins in the United States.


Data is available for Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast, Permian Basin, Rockies and Mid-continent wells in TIFF raster log images, LAS digital data, and smartRaster image files. Velocity data is also available in the Gulf of Mexico including key deepwater wells. Check out Log-Line, on www.a2d.com.

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