Geoshare AGM

Incoming Geoshare chairman, Conoco’s Jack Gordon has kindly provided PDM with highlights of the 2000 AGM.

The Geoshare AGM was held last month in Houston during the fourth annual PNEC Petroleum Data Management and Integration conference. Last year the Geoshare board of directors established a three-year strategy focused on communications, experts lists, code examples, sample data sets, and a scorecard to determine board’s effectiveness.


Outgoing chairman, Vastar’s Ken Bastow described the results of a survey showing gave a progress of Vastar presented the status of the strategy and the while the communications objectives had been achieved, it is too early to judge the effectiveness of the other initiatives. Ken remains on the Geoshare board as former chairman and the following new officers have been elected:- Jack Gordon - Chairman, Steve Hawtin – Vice Chairman, Dan Shearer – Secretary and Jim Theriot – Treasurer. The general board members are William F. Quinlivan and Helen O’Connor. The standing committee chairmen are Ravi Nudurumati – ANSC and Ellen Lasseter – DMEC. The new Geoshare web page was demonstrated and is now easier to navigate. Some of the new features include the list of experts, sample data sets, and code examples.

Data model update

The Geoshare data model is driven by user requests for changes, to either the data model or the ancillary standards, one month before the meeting. There were 14 issues discussed at the meeting. The final change is made with a one-company one-vote policy. Accepted changes will be incorporated in the new data model to be released this fall.


There was a lot of discussion about the implications of XML and the Geoshare data model. After the discussion, the action was tabled to the Geoshare WEBSIG. If you have interest in seeing an XML implementation for the Geoshare data model please address your comments to the websig at

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