PetroPower for the people

Seacon Computer Systems crafts NT-based workstations for E&P processing and interpretation. SCS claims breakthrough performance for the new PetroPower box.

The new PetroPower Interpretation Workstation is tuned to run software such as SMT’s Kingdom Suite, PrimeGeoscience’s 3D Attribute Visualization and EDS’ APEX Seismic Processing.


The available power lets seismic processing run in the background while interpretation continues. Apart from the potential cost savings accrued by processing and interpreting everything on the same workstation, SCS anticipates more integrated project management with the same geoscientist performing a “total geo-evaluation.”

Dual CPU

A high end SCS PetroPower-NT Model 866-DX Dual CPU Interpretive Workstation running Kingdom Interpretive Suite is the seismic Process Control System (PCS). Task priorities can be set between processing and other functions. The PCS is connected to one or more SCS PetroPower NT Interpretive Workstations by 100 MBPS Ethernet.


The APEX seismic processing suite uses all of the dual processors. For more power, inexpensive Auxiliary Processing Units (APU’s) can be networked to the PCS. A SCS configuration has processed a 150 sq. km. 3D seismic volume in about twelve days with post stack migration in five more. An entry-level PetroPower Workstation costs around $10,000 with the APU a further $3,675.

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