Merak connects to data vendors and revamps economics

Merak’s latest release of PetroDesk promises enhancements in vendor data connectivity. The latest version of the Value Management suite offers a world-view of economics and asset management.

A new release of Merak’s PetroDesk 2000 data integration and mapping suite offers enhanced connectivity to data vendors. PetroDesk 2000 release can now access public Canadian and US data from multiple vendors, including Petroleum Data Source, WhiteStar, IHS Energy and PennPoint. Merak now bundles production history and grid/culture data for the US with both PetroDesk and Peep. Other new functionality includes ESRI shape file import, HTML-based reports and improved queries on parameters such as region, layer, land list or map extent.

Value Management Suite

The 2000 Merak Value Management Suite (VMS) houses new versions of Peep, Capital Planning and Decision Tree. Canadian Peep, US Peep and World Peep are now combined in one executable, enabling oil and gas companies to rollup international assets for global management and evaluation. Merak’s portfolio optimization tool VMS director Dave Mason claims “Capital Planning is the first application in the industry to allow oil and gas companies to simultaneously examine and modify multiple portfolios for global capital optimization.”

decisions, decisions

Decision Tree now includes a ‘visual Monte Carlo’ graphical interface, allowing for model building including branching and conditional logic. Complex business scenarios can be represented in a single diagram. More from

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