Geodynamic Solutions is to offer map-based browsing of IHS Energy’s data on the portal. The new ASP deal concerns both the US Petroleum Information and the international Petroconsultants datasets.

After a false start last year (see PDM Vol 4 N° 3) Geodynamic Solutions and IHS Energy have got it together. IHS’s data is to be served up to clients through Geodynamic’s ArcInfo front end from a new web portal – The new site will provide e-commerce access to IHS’s data and will also offer an application service provider (ASP) component. ASP clients will be able to “benefit from the technology while avoiding the hassle and cost of ownership and maintenance.”

core business

The division of labors represents a focusing on core business for IHS who will be providing the databases, data hosting center and data management systems for Petrolynx. Both the US-focused PIDM database and the international Petroconsultants IRIS21 are involved and will be accessible through an integrated, web-based suite of products including mapping, reporting, and data extraction tools. The company’s Petrolynx product suite, will be accessible through both the Internet and packaged for corporate Intranets.


IHS president David Noel said “We look forward to combining our strengths - the world’s most-comprehensive E&P data, data hosting center, and database management capabilities - with the technological strengths of Geodynamic Solutions, a leader in enabling E&P customers to access and analyze geographic information. By giving customers access to the best data available and the advanced technology to analyze it, we help them improve the speed and efficiency of their business.”


“The ASP model makes sense for all petroleum companies, regardless of size,” said Kirk Barrell, president and CEO of Geodynamic Solutions. “Managing data and applications requires a significant amount of technological and human resources. Integrating our mapping, reporting, and data extraction functionality with IHS Energy’s well and production data provides a real advantage to companies striving to operate more efficiently.


It is critical for customers to have access to accurate, comprehensive and timely information and to have the technology to access and analyze that information. Application service providers are rapidly emerging as the mechanism for corporations to access software and data solutions in an easier and more cost-effective manner.”


Geodynamic Solutions’ enterprise product suite, released in 1999, has been developed using GIS technology from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). Petrolynx deploys GIS applications utilizing ArcView, MapObjects, MapObjects Internet Map Server, and the Spatial Database Engine. Check out the new service on

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