Badley’s upgraded Open Journal is to be re-packaged as a collaborative knowledge management solution - ‘ReactivWeb’ which will target a user base beyond oil and gas.

Badley’s Open Journal (OJ) has been established for some time as the knowledge work tool of choice for users of Landmark’s OpenWorks interpretation environment. Open Journal 2 - also known as ReaktivWeb (RW) represents a significant enhancement to OJ and supports cross platform document generation and editing, including accurate positioning of images. Despite the name, the product does not use a web browser but rather Badley’s own client.

tree view

Users can manage a hierarchy of projects from a tree view display. Ad-hoc image creation is supported and users can create a ‘pastiche’ of GIF’s – which becomes immediately available to coworkers. Live spreadsheets can be included and the system is ‘real time’ i.e. all users see and share same information. Complete cross-platform functionality is claimed for Mac/PC/UNIC – the software is all written in Java with an Oracle database as the RW server.

Front Page?

Badley is are planning an ASP offering – managing collaboration between partners. A cross between FrontPage and Microsoft’s Digital Dashboard, but with UNIX coverage, RW is a horizontal product which will be sold outside of oil and gas. Badley’s is in discussion with companies working in London’s financial services sector.

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