Basin-wide geopressure

Version 7.0 of Knowledge Systems Drillworks/Predict geopressure prediction software promises integration with basin modeling.

Based in Stafford, Texas, Knowledge Systems, Inc. (KSI) claims its DrillWorks/Predict software as the world-leader in geopressure analysis. The software is used to anticipate drilling problems due to overpressure and allow planners to design well programs accordingly. The new Version 7.0 claims improved functionality and increased accessibility.

$7 million

Enhancements to the user interface include time-saving functions which have contributed to a reported $7 million cost savings for Norske Shell. A feature of the new software is integration with Knowledge Systems’ latest product DrillWorks/Basin.


Basin is a new addition to the KSI family of pore pressure software allowing for advanced basin modeling and data inversion techniques. These are used to predict geopressure at the basin scale in the planning phase of a well, and to update the prediction in real-time during drilling. Users can build up a basin-wide database of geopressure data. KSI CEO James Bridges said “Our objective has been to provide the oil industry with intuitive tools that reduce drilling costs and increase safety.”

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