Depth Team Express

New software from Landmark is set to enhance model building in depth. Depth Team Express makes depth conversion an integral part of the E&P workflow.

Way back at the 1998 New Orleans SEG convention (see PDM Vol.3 N° 9), Bob Peebler speculated that 80% of future oil and gas reserves were hidden by depth conversion problems. Solving these would require a paradigm shift ‘the whole factory needs to be re-tooled.’
The retooling continues with the release of Landmark’s DepthTeam Express (DTE). DTE is designed to make velocity modeling and depth conversion a part of every interpretation workflow.
DTE allows geophysicists, geologists and engineers to collaborate on problem such as the relationships between disparate data types, and ‘enhances confidence’ in the earth model and in well plans. DTE is based on Landmark’s Interpret 2000 release.

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